Ben Gallina at piano

"Gallina crafts a seven song program of electric chamber jazz that is both immensely compelling and melodically ornate."
~Jay Collins, of Cadence, full article.

"Bassist Ben Gallina's compositions on Sundial Lotus are cinematic in scope, making quick turns with a willingness to indulge in marches and psychedelia, most notably on the remarkably swirling 'Metamorphistopheles'."
~Kurt Gottschalk, of The New York City Jazz Record
(formerly All About Jazz - New York), full article.

"With the combination of jazz and rock instruments and the catchy, pop-ish but sophisticated songwriting of Gallina, the band straddles nearly perfectly the worlds of indie rock and jazz."
~Pico, of Something Else!, full article.

A little about my writing.

I think the unifying trait in my music, if there is one, is an "anything goes" attitude. This may have been a result of being exposed to an incredible range of music simultaneously. When I learned about Josquin, Bach, Shostakovich, Philip Glass, Tom Waits, Alasnoxis and Radiohead, all within a few weeks of each other, I become open to the idea that music can be anything (and wanted my own music to be a little bit of everything).

Here is a short list of composers and bands whose writing I love/have inspired me:
Wayne Shorter, Shostakovich, The Beatles, J.S. Bach, Led Zeppelin, Elliott Smith, Trey Anastasio/Phish, Gentle Giant, Michael Jackson, Medeski Martin and Wood, The Bad Plus, Bill Frisell, Aaron Copland, Debussy, John Oswald, Carl Stalling, Thelonius Monk, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Boards of Canada, and Radiohead of course.