I've been playing music for most of my life at this point. My interest and passion for music extends widely. I love to teach and relish any opportunity to share my knowledge with people. Here are a few of the various subjects I would gladly take on:

  • Double Bass (a.k.a. Upright Bass, String Bass, Contrabass)
  • Bass Guitar (a.k.a. Electric Bass)
  • Guitar, acoustic and electric
  • Mandolin
  • Piano
  • Music Theory, Jazz and Improvisation
  • Composition/Arranging and Songwriting
  • Leading Small Groups/Ensembles

I teach out of a Music Studio in my apartment on 160th Street in Washington Heights, Manhattan and can travel to students as well, please inquire for rates.

Some Student Feedback:

"I would like to recommend a really wonderful music teacher to you. His name is Ben Gallina, and he is a brilliant musician, composer, friend and teacher. I have been taking guitar lessons on and off for the past five years, but never felt I was making much headway, until I started studying with Ben. He is brilliant at weaving music theory into the practical aspects of playing, while making it lighthearted and fun, and he knows just what to offer in order to bring your playing and/or writing to the next level. In addition, he can coach you on songwriting, harmony and composition, and he can accompany, arrange or transcribe any piece of music... how could you get any better??"

-from Amy S